Monday, September 9, 2013

Uses of Colloidal Silver for Cat Lovers

Don’t cats just love shiny things? And we bet after reading this post, every cat lover will also fall in love with the shiny silver miracle suspended in crystal clear water – colloidal silver.

For those who do not know what colloidal silver is, let us tell you that it is an age old alternative medicinal remedy. It is known to possess miraculous antibacterial, antifungal, antibiotic abilities and amazing healing powers.

While modern medical science, funded by big pharmaceutical companies, is not very fond of this simple, powerful and inexpensive solution, there are people who have been dedicatedly working to bring the benefits of colloidal silver to the center stage.

Up till now, 650 different medicinal usage of colloidal silver have been discovered. This includes prevention of various infections and diseases in humans as well as animals.

One of the most important advantages of colloidal silver is the prevention of antibiotic resistance, a condition associated with frequent usage of modern antibiotic drugs. Unlike other antibiotics, it also does not affect the good flora in the pet’s gut. This helps decrease the possibility of intestinal inflammation, one of the common reasons behind a pet's death.

Here is a list of a few more important benefits of colloidal silver for cats:

If you have adopted a rescued cat, it is likely to be suffering with mange. Spray colloidal silver onto the afflicted areas in order to minimize pain and expedite the healing process.
One teaspoon of colloidal silver would be enough to treat stomach and digestive problems. Use everyday until the problem is solved.
Ear and eye infections can also be treated with colloidal silver drops. Use two times a day for around a week or two if required.
Use the colloidal silver spray after every bath in order to prevent fleas.

But remember, your feline may be more sensitive than you are. That is why it is important to ensure the quality of colloidal silver. Only a well-made colloidal silver generator can generate the safest colloidal content with the right amount and size of nanoparticle silver.

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Take care of yourself, and your feline friends!

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