Thursday, September 26, 2013

Colloidal Silver at Work – Headache is a Good Sign!

Colloidal silver may have a large number of healthy benefits, but it is not completely free of side effects. Although the ratio of people who complain about the adverse effect is extremely low, it is not completely zero.

Most common side effects noticed in consumers are found to be headache, flu, sore throat, itches or rashes.

If you have just started taking colloidal silver, and you are experiencing any of these symptoms, you should be happy about it. Why?

Because these symptoms assert that the silver is doing its job in your system. It may sound weird but to help you understand the phenomenon better, let us explain the Herxhiemer Reaction.

What is Herxhiemer Reaction?

Herxhiemer reaction is the name given to the way in which our body reacts to the detoxifying process. Our body naturally detoxifies itself and during this process a number of people complain about symptoms such as headaches, flu, sweating, body ache, nausea, and sore throat, etc.

However, when the number of toxins (free radicals, pathogens and bacteria, etc), the natural detoxification is not enough to ward them off. In such cases, colloidal silver can work as a strong detoxifier and therefore often results in Herxhiemer Reaction.

Why Is It A Good Sign?

Herxhiemer Reaction is a good sign because it indicates that colloidal silver is, in fact doing, its job; i.e. eliminating the toxins present in your body. The more toxins present in the system, the more severe the reaction. Therefore, the reaction is more common in people of poor health as compared to those who are healthier. Herxhiemer Reaction does not imply that your condition is getting worse, it means that it is being treated internally.

Typically, the symptoms last only three to five days of starting colloidal silver treatment. This time frame indicates the period in which the nanoparticle silver is fighting the pathogens and antibodies in your system. Once the period is over, the process of healing will start at an expedited rate.

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