Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Colloidal Silver for Oral Health – For Teeth that Shine Like Silver

Forget about pearly whites! Today, we’ll tell you the secrets of teeth as shiny and strong as the precious metal silver. It’s colloidal silver, miraculous and effective for almost every health related problem you can imagine. While it has been hailed as a perfect antiseptic and anti-allergy, very few people know what colloidal silver can actually do for your oral health. 
Do you know that more than 75% of the adult population in the US suffers from some kind of oral disease? And it all starts with gum infection caused by bacteria. Bacteria keep accumulating on the surface of your teeth and gums and cause tartar. Once tartar turns into plaque, it starts the process of decay. And you end up paying thousands of dollars just to fix your oral health issues which were so much easier and inexpensive to preserve. 
It as a well-known fact that colloidal silver is among the most powerful antibacterial agents known to man. Oral consumption of colloidal silver suspension is completely safe and highly effective. In the case of gum disease and infection, you don’t even have to drink the suspension. Use colloidal silver as a mouthwash and also put a small amount on your tooth brush before applying paste on it.
What’s even more surprising is that colloidal silver not only helps prevent plaque and tartar, it actually has the power to re-mineralize your teeth enamel. This means it can help you avoid expensive replacement surgery even when your dentist tells you that your decaying teeth must be removed and replaced.
Now before you start with a new oral hygiene regimen, we would like to share two more tips. Always rinse your toothbrush with colloidal silver before putting it back in the holder. Colloidal silver will keep unwanted bacteria away from the bristles. Secondly, to ensure best results, use only the highest quality homemade colloidal silver with the most appropriate concentration of nanoparticle silver. 

Keep smiling!
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