Monday, February 17, 2014

"The Best Colloidal Silver Generator"-- A Customer Review

This email came to us recently, and with all the tips and uses included in the letter, we simply had to share it. We hope you'll come visit our site:

Good morning, Robb!

My package arrived on January 6th at 11:00 AM. Wow. I have to admit, you cut NO corners when it comes to proper packaging! Could well be the best packed shipment of anything I've ever ordered.

I can scarcely believe how easy it is to manufacture a quart batch of colloidal silver. To date, I have made three quarts -- I filled up my oral and nasal misters and a few pint bottles for use around my home. (I really like those PETE amber containers; they are very easy to decant into other bottles/devices). I have been "experimenting" with my finished product in many ways already. I have been pouring 1/4 cup into my washing machine rinse water, adding a couple of tablespoons into by dish pan before washing dishes, spraying my bathroom and kitchen countertops and surfaces, and adding two tablespoons to every gallon jug of water I keep in my refrigerator. No more harsh antibacterial cleaners or Clorox for me!

The last time I stripped the bed, I even went so far as to vacuum off all sides of my mattresses and spritz all surfaces with my new "germ killer". I figured there was no way it could do any harm and would probably be quite beneficial. Then I began to look at all the many personal care products whose main ingredient is, of course, water. Well, guess what? My shampoos, conditioners, moisturizers, and more, now have a healthy dose of colloidal silver as an ingredient. Seem that you are limited only by your imagination.

I was also very happy with the laser pointer. My old one used those very expensive button-type batteries -- I probably could have purchased two of the ones you offer for less than replacement batteries for my old pointer. Love the fact it uses "regular" pen-light cells.

To be honest, I know that I have already more than paid for my generator when you consider the exorbitant prices they charge for the end-product in stores. I figure that the most expensive item for the manufacturing process is the distilled water -- and that is pretty darned inexpensive. The electrical energy consumption must be nominal at most.

So, what you say is true -- you can make your own super-high grade nano-particle colloidal silver for way less than $2.00 per GALLON!
Anyway, Robb, I wish to thank you again not only for your promptness in shipping my order, but also providing consumers with a top-notch manufacturing system that pays for itself after the first use. You are to be commended. Thank-you so much for everything. (And do not be surprised should you hear back from me in the future regarding additional uses I've come up with!)

Sincerely, Craig J. (New York)

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