Saturday, November 23, 2013

Colloidal Silver for the Heart - Why a Celebrity Cardiologist Endorses it as a Miracle Cure

What truly breaks our heart is seeing all the doctors siding with the FDA on the stance against natural remedies, especially colloidal silver. However, not every doctor is a pawn of big pharmaceutical companies.

There are still quite a few who openly advocate the power of nanoparticle silver and encourage the use of colloidal silver for various conditions. One of such doctors is the celebrity doctor, Dr. Mehmet Oz.

We all know Dr. Oz from the Oprah Show, and now the Dr. OZ Show. Dr. Oz endorses colloidal silver with a renowned cardiothoracic surgeon, Dr. Gerald Lemole. Dr. Oz’s views on the uses of colloidal silver are nothing short of a total change of heart. Back in the days when he used to be the house doctor on the Oprah Show, he seriously opposed the usage of Colloidal Silver as a medical cure. Back then, he pointed out several cons and dubbed it as an outdated cure with numerous risks.

It seems that Dr. Oz himself wasn’t fully convinced by what he said on Oprah. He must’ve conducted a lot of research to find out the truth. Thankfully, he had on his side Dr. Lemole, who is, other than a renowned cardiologist, Dr. Oz’s father-in-law and a regular user of colloidal silver. What’s really interesting is that colloidal silver spray is revealed to be a common household item around Dr. Lemole’s house. He uses it for everything ranging from wounds to sore throat. We also have a number of similar colloidal silver family home health use products including oral and nasal misters.

Finally, one of the greatest things about Dr. Lemole’s revelation is he has busted all the myths about colloidal silver’s threats for heart and other organs. As a matter of fact, nanoparticle silver has the ability to build an extra immunity shield around your body's organs.

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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Colloidal Silver for Shiny Teeth, Fresher Breath and the End of Dental Plaque! A Treatment for Cardiac Infection Too?

All that glitters may not be gold, but it is definitely silver! Did that statement confuse you? Just read on and you will find out what we mean. We may have discovered the most effective cure for all your oral health problems – colloidal silver.

With amazing antibacterial properties, it is no surprise that colloidal silver makes for a perfect oral disease remedy. And that is not just for periodontitis and gums diseases. If you have bad breath or discolored teeth, colloidal silver can help you regain the freshness and brightness as well.

You can use homemade colloidal silver mouthwash and toothpaste in order to restore freshness in your mouth. The most surprising fact is that colloidal silver’s teeth whitening properties were discovered when a renowned cardiologist was researching the relation between oral bacteria and cardiac infection.

The doctor discovered that nanoparticle silver can work as a powerful agent against the bacterium Streptococcus mutans. It is the bacteria that are not only responsible for cavities, plaque, decay and bad breath, but also for cardiac infections. By using colloidal silver as a daily mouthwash, you can get rid of plaque and bad breath while shrinking the possibility of heart diseases. If you're taking colloidal silver daily as a mineral supplement, simply swish the colloidal silver in your mouth for 15 seconds or so before you swallow. The beneficial results will amaze you at your next dental appointment!

But there is one question you must be asking right now: Can’t commercial mouthwashes fight Streptococcus mutans?
The answer would be yes they can. Let us, however, bring your attention to some potential side effects of these products.

First of all, these products are laden with chemicals and one of the most important ingredients is alcohol. The problem with alcohol is that it attacks Streptococcus mutants as well as the good bacteria in the mouth. Due to absence of the good bacteria, harmful agents regenerate faster and are likely to cause more damage. Also, large concentration of alcohol in these products has led to certain addiction common in teens these days. So, commercial mouthwashes and products are not a smart choice for long term use.

The safe and smart choice is homemade colloidal silver. You can save a lot of money by making your own colloidal silver through our colloidal silver generator.

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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Lose It with Silver – Colloidal Silver Weight Loss Benefits

Do you know what is the biggest epidemic taking over the US? No, we mean other than big pharmas and their ploys against colloidal silver. We are talking about obesity. While obesity is a common problem throughout the world, America stands out as the most obese nation in the world. However, it is not something we have grown comfortable with. People, regardless of their fast food diet, are always concerned about their weight. And that is why we have a huge section of our bookstores dedicated to weight loss books. But do all those diets and exercise program work?

It;s hard to tell. There is a difference in the way each person’s body reacts and responds to a weight loss regimen. That is mainly because of the differences in our metabolic rate. So, why not switch to a solution that adjusts the metabolic rate itself? That’s how colloidal silver works.

How Colloidal Silver Affects Metabolism
Colloidal silver contains nanoparticle silver. These nanoparticles enter our body in the form of an army that fights free radicals and pathogens in our system. Free radicals and pathogens enter our body through inappropriate diet, infections and our environment. Once inside our system, they affect our immune system as well as the metabolic rate.

A scientific study regarding fat and obesity states that weight and fat gain in the body is largely due to presence of a bacterium called enterobacter.  Enterobacter prevents our body from burning fat and as a result, fat remains stored in our system. Colloidal silver, with its antibacterial properties, destroys the enterobacter bacterium and expedites the fat-burning process. It controls the PH in our guts and brings it down to a level where enterobacter can no longer survive.

Colloidal silver can support weight loss, but as always, there is a catch. Actually, there are two catches. First of all, you need to ensure proper lifestyle and dietary changes. Secondly, you need the best quality colloidal silver possible that can be produced at home – something our colloidal silver generators can guarantee.

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