Saturday, November 23, 2013

Colloidal Silver for the Heart - Why a Celebrity Cardiologist Endorses it as a Miracle Cure

What truly breaks our heart is seeing all the doctors siding with the FDA on the stance against natural remedies, especially colloidal silver. However, not every doctor is a pawn of big pharmaceutical companies.

There are still quite a few who openly advocate the power of nanoparticle silver and encourage the use of colloidal silver for various conditions. One of such doctors is the celebrity doctor, Dr. Mehmet Oz.

We all know Dr. Oz from the Oprah Show, and now the Dr. OZ Show. Dr. Oz endorses colloidal silver with a renowned cardiothoracic surgeon, Dr. Gerald Lemole. Dr. Oz’s views on the uses of colloidal silver are nothing short of a total change of heart. Back in the days when he used to be the house doctor on the Oprah Show, he seriously opposed the usage of Colloidal Silver as a medical cure. Back then, he pointed out several cons and dubbed it as an outdated cure with numerous risks.

It seems that Dr. Oz himself wasn’t fully convinced by what he said on Oprah. He must’ve conducted a lot of research to find out the truth. Thankfully, he had on his side Dr. Lemole, who is, other than a renowned cardiologist, Dr. Oz’s father-in-law and a regular user of colloidal silver. What’s really interesting is that colloidal silver spray is revealed to be a common household item around Dr. Lemole’s house. He uses it for everything ranging from wounds to sore throat. We also have a number of similar colloidal silver family home health use products including oral and nasal misters.

Finally, one of the greatest things about Dr. Lemole’s revelation is he has busted all the myths about colloidal silver’s threats for heart and other organs. As a matter of fact, nanoparticle silver has the ability to build an extra immunity shield around your body's organs.

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