Sunday, November 10, 2013

Lose It with Silver – Colloidal Silver Weight Loss Benefits

Do you know what is the biggest epidemic taking over the US? No, we mean other than big pharmas and their ploys against colloidal silver. We are talking about obesity. While obesity is a common problem throughout the world, America stands out as the most obese nation in the world. However, it is not something we have grown comfortable with. People, regardless of their fast food diet, are always concerned about their weight. And that is why we have a huge section of our bookstores dedicated to weight loss books. But do all those diets and exercise program work?

It;s hard to tell. There is a difference in the way each person’s body reacts and responds to a weight loss regimen. That is mainly because of the differences in our metabolic rate. So, why not switch to a solution that adjusts the metabolic rate itself? That’s how colloidal silver works.

How Colloidal Silver Affects Metabolism
Colloidal silver contains nanoparticle silver. These nanoparticles enter our body in the form of an army that fights free radicals and pathogens in our system. Free radicals and pathogens enter our body through inappropriate diet, infections and our environment. Once inside our system, they affect our immune system as well as the metabolic rate.

A scientific study regarding fat and obesity states that weight and fat gain in the body is largely due to presence of a bacterium called enterobacter.  Enterobacter prevents our body from burning fat and as a result, fat remains stored in our system. Colloidal silver, with its antibacterial properties, destroys the enterobacter bacterium and expedites the fat-burning process. It controls the PH in our guts and brings it down to a level where enterobacter can no longer survive.

Colloidal silver can support weight loss, but as always, there is a catch. Actually, there are two catches. First of all, you need to ensure proper lifestyle and dietary changes. Secondly, you need the best quality colloidal silver possible that can be produced at home – something our colloidal silver generators can guarantee.

We invite you to visit our website. Look over our nanoparticle colloidal silver generators. Do you realize you can produce nanoparticle colloidal silver for as little as a $59 startup cost? That’s about the cost of one or two bottles you’d pay at your health food store! Producing highest-quality, stable colloidal silver has always been our goal. And to produce it with an investment of only $59, we feel, makes it the most economical opportunity out there!

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