Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Colloidal Silver and the Flu: A Personal Testimonial

This time of year, colds and flu are upon us, and I am contacted by many who ask about my personal experiences with colloidal silver in combating these nuisance seasonal illnesses.

My advice from personal experience is that if you own your own colloidal silver generator, you have the means to take care of yourself.

My first piece of advice is to aggressively confront your illness absolutely as soon as you begin to detect symptoms. I simply cannot stress this enough. I have found over the many years of collodial silver use that the sooner you begin a colloidal silver regimen, the sooner you'll get over your ailment. Conversely, the longer you go without treatment (as in hours and days), the longer you have to aggressively fight it.

Here's the regimen I have used on several occasions, and this has worked every time over the years:

Part 1:
At the onset of symptoms, I drink 2 swallows of CS every 2 hours for at least the first 24 hours. I will usually experience huge relief by the next day. And after I have experienced marked relief, I consume the same quantity every 4 hours. I stay with the 4 hour plan until I feel well. However, continue with every 2 hours for another day or two until you notice dramatic relief. While I am completely recovering, I take swallows every 6 to 8 hours. (Hint: To not interrupt your regimen, simply pour up some colloidal silver in a jar and take it with you... to work, or to travel.)

Part 2:
I tend to develop chest and sinus infections with my colds and flu. If you experience the same malladies, here's what I recommend:

Your health arsenal should always include at least a nasal mister, along with an oral mister. With your mister, follow the same regimen as above, and inhale the CS into your sinuses every 1 to 2 hours. In the beginning, every 1 to 2 hours, use your nasal mister and deeply inhale into your sinuses at least 6 puffs in each nostril. This is a lot of CS, I know, so tilt your head back and feel it coat the interior of your sinuses every time you use it. You will be amazed at how quickly it will eliminate inflammation, and you will be able to breathe better. Also, it is very common when you are ill to feel burning when the colloidal silver reaches your sinuses. This denotes the presence of inflammation, and it will go away in a few minutes.

After you have used the nasal mister for your sinuses, also mist your lungs by inhaling the mister. This is very important for someone like me who is prone to chest/lung ailments. It is not uncommon for me to inhale 15 to 20 puffs every 1 to 2 hours when I am becoming ill. This prevents the illness to take hold in my lungs. You can use a nasal mister for your lungs as well if you do not own an oral mister. Just tilt your head over the nasal mister and breathe in sharply when pressing the mister.

Continue using the misters along with each time that you consume your collodial silver.

I hope this helps! The important thing to remember is not to rely on large quantities of colloidal silver once or twice a day. Rather, do smaller amounts very frequently all day and throughout the night (just whenever you wake up, go into the kitchen or bathroom where your colloidal silver and misters are stored,  and drink, sniff and inhale). Sometimes I begin to feel better within 24 hours and back off from the regimen. But sometimes, if it is a vicious flu, and I don't feel better right away, I keep the regimen going for 2 to 3 days. Just do it intensely until you begin to feel better. Then loosen up your schedule until you are well.

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Take care of yourself!

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