Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Silver in Your System – How Long Does It Stay There?

A number of people, who are sworn believers in everything modern science journals say, will tell you that colloidal silver suspension is either useless because it doesn’t stay in your system or harmful because it keeps accumulating there.

In either case, they cannot be more wrong. Yet, we understand how they might make you reconsider your decision of using colloidal silver.

So, today we will shed some light on the behavior of nanoparticle silver in our bodies, where it goes when you drink it, and how long it stays there.

The evidence we provide in this article was collected after a series of experiments related to colloidal silver intake, distribution and elimination. Several samples of feces, urine and sweat were taken from individuals who regularly consumed colloidal silver for several months.

When ingested, nanoparticle silver in suspension mixes with the stomach acid and gets absorbed by the small intestine.

The study revealed that regular consumption results in regular excretion of silver through urine. Feces and sweat samples also contained more silver as compared to the samples from individuals who do not consume silver.

Incidentally, the amount of silver excreted from the body increases in proportion to the amount of increased dosage of colloidal silver. This fact alone is enough to establish the conclusion that colloidal silver does not accumulate in the body. Therefore, all those claims about colloidal silver causing organ damage are completely false.

However, the test was conducted using a colloidal silver sample that has the appropriate size and density of nanoparticle silver. This suspension was created using our colloidal silver generator that has been tested and verified in with lab tests.

In contrast to this, the products available in the market contained larger silver particles. Such products carry a high risk of silver accumulation in the body because the large particles are not properly dissolved, absorbed and excreted. So, Beware!

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