Sunday, October 6, 2013

Going Green With Silver – Does Colloidal Silver Hurt the Earth?

Silver, as you all may be aware of, is a natural element present in the Earth’s crust. Isn’t it absurd that there are hordes of people who think it can be harmful for the Earth and the environment, especially when consumed in the form of colloidal silver? 

Yes, it is a preposterous, yet the number of people who believe such claims is exceptionally high. These are especially those who have sworn to protect the Gaya from all kinds of the man-made evil. Yet, by avoiding colloidal silver, they are depriving themselves from one of the nature’s most miraculous offerings – nanoparticle silver suspension.

While colloidal silver needs to be prepared using a colloidal silver generator, it is hardly anything more than very tiny silver particles suspended in distilled water. Nanoparticle silver is so small that it can completely be absorbed and excreted by our system. Does that sound harmful to you?

The reason anti-silver environmentalists protest so hard against the use of colloidal silver is because they claim that nanoparticle silver remains in the sewers in the form of silver sulfide – a harmful substance that does not degenerate. However, the fact that they sadly overlook is that silver, no matter how it is consumed and in what form, remains bound in the sewer in the same form. Silver sulfide, however, has a very low toxicity rate. It is almost as harmless as the dirt.

The fun part here is a newly discovered scientific fact. Studies have now confirmed that the Earth itself generates nanoparticle silver. Colloidal silver is responsible for the release of silver ions in the atmosphere. These ions react with the humic acid present in the environment to once again produce nanoparticle silver. Any idea why Earth would create something that is supposedly killing it? Neither have we!

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