Thursday, October 24, 2013

War on Silver Colloids – Why the FDA Wants You to Stay Away

For many people, one reason not to use colloidal silver is because the FDA warns against its use.

We are living in the age where our minds are literally brainwashed by people who can afford to do so. This is the reason most of us blindly trust any medical drug or device that the FDA has approved.

But let me ask you a question: what reasons do you have to trust the FDA? Just because it’s backed by the government? Not really!

While the FDA is a government body, it is financially backed by big pharmaceutical companies who have earned billions and billions due to government failed implementation of health policies. (Did you know that pharmaceutical executives sit on the board of the FDA?)

These pharmaceutical companies sell highly expensive drugs that most doctors would recommend despite the availability of a safer, more cost-effective alternative. Why? Because money makes the world go round, and these big corporate pharmaceutical companies have a lot of money that they have sucked out of those who think they have no choice but to buy those drugs.

You really don’t have a choice? Think again.

Colloidal silver is a natural remedy that has been used over centuries. It’s antibacterial, anti-allergy and anti-infection qualities have given it a unique cure-all quality. Shown to effectively treat from eye infections to virus causing cancers, colloidal silver is a risk free method to treat all kinds of diseases.

Imagine if everyone knew this! Would they still spend hundreds and thousands of dollars on pharmaceutical drugs when they can buy a personal colloidal silver generator for as little as $59?

Your answer is exactly the reason why big pharmas keep debunking all the remedies that have actually been successfully used for ages. And colloidal silver, understandably, stands at the top of their hit list.
So, don’t let them control your thinking and continue robbing you of your money. Use your common sense and try the benefits of homemade colloidal silver on your own.

We invite you to continue your investigations. Read the massive amounts of information available online. Consider making your own effective, stable, quality colloidal silver from home. Visit our website. View our generators. Know that quality health is in reach for far less money than you imagined!

Thank you for finding us! We hope to hear from you soon!

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