Sunday, October 27, 2013

Three Reasons You Should Make Colloidal Silver at Home

We have already talked enough about the benefits of colloidal silver. It is a multi-purpose suspension with unlimited health benefits.

However, we have always stressed the importance of ensuring the best quality product. Low quality products found in the market are not only expensive; they also contain larger silver particles that can actually prove to be harmful if consumed in high quantities.

The best way to ensure that you are using the highest quality colloidal silver is make sure your product contains nanoparticle silver. And the best way to ensure this quality is to prepare your colloidal silver at home.

Here again arises the issue of measuring the size of the particle and the quality of the collodial silver. That is where we jump in with our tried and tested colloidal silver generator with verified results.

Still think buying commercial colloidal silver is a better idea than buying a generator? Take a look at the advantages it offers before you come to a final conclusion.

It’s Inexpensive – A typical 4 oz. bottle of colloidal silver costs around $30. With your own colloidal silver generator, you can make around 80 to 85 such bottles for $30. The entire generator setup available on our website costs around the same as one 8 oz. bottle of this suspension.

Quality Control is in Your Hands – With homemade colloidal silver, the quality is under your control. You are well aware of the freshness and purity of the product. And you can make bulk amounts of colloidal silver so that it is readily available whenever required.

It’s Simply Silver –A  lot of off-the-shelf product have tested positive for additives, fillers, stabilizers, etc. and you never know how these products react with silver and with your system.  It’s a huge risk that can be eliminated with homemade colloidal silver.

Finally, you must know that less than half of the market products tested contain the right amount and size of nanoparticle silver. The funny part is, some of them didn’t contain any amount of silver at all.

Save yourself from such frauds and take matters in your hands now.

Visit our website, read about our nanoparticle generators, and we hope you'll take the time to review all the many issues involved in quality colloidal silver production on our FAQs: Production page.

Thank you for finding us! We hope to hear from you soon.

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