Monday, October 21, 2013

Is Colloidal Silver Effective Against Cancer?

Modern medicinal science may have progressed by leaps and bounds, but there always comes a point where it becomes utterly clueless and helpless.

Cancer is one disease that can bring it to that point. However, it does not mean that cancer is completely incurable. It just means that modern researchers might be looking in the wrong direction.

Colloidal silver is a centuries old cure for every disease that is caused by microbacteria and antibodies – i.e. all the disease we have known so far.

Regardless of what the FDA says, colloidal silver is unanimously accepted as the world’s oldest antibiotic. One of the typical problems with general antibiotics used today for cancer patients is that the bacteria eventually become resistant to them. This is not the case with colloidal silver. This fact is backed by research conducted by a number of scientists who were comparing the effect of silver-based chemo drugs and the commonly used platinum based chemo drugs.
The results of the tests were amazing. Nanoparticle silver not only proved more effective, it is also found to be completely non toxic. Whereas, platinum is toxic nature.

The results also show that cancer tumors can be considerably shrunk by using colloidal silver, and nanoparticle colloidal silver causes white blood cells and platelet count to normalized.

A more detailed analysis of the phenomenon depicts that silver ions cause miotic cell division in cancer cells. This process allows the cells to dedifferentiate into healthier cells.

The most interesting discovery, however, is that nanoparticle silver does not just kill the cancer cells. It actually causes them to revert allowing the body to start healing itself. This increases the body’s defense against another strike of cancer cells. Therefore, colloidal silver is more effective for cure and prevention of cancer.

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