Sunday, December 15, 2013

One Colloidal Silver Company's Five-Year Battle with the FDA

We have talked a lot about how the FDA along with Big Pharma has always tried to keep powerful alternate treatments at bay. If you are a regular visitor at our blog, you might have an accurate idea of why and how colloidal silver has remained a victim of those corporate games.  And unlike the big players in this game, we do not make up stories.

Today, we are going to discuss one of the longest battles in this war. We are talking about the battle of Utopia Silver Supplements against the FDA. Utopia Silver Supplements is a Texas-based company that provides colloidal silver as a retail product.

The company has been defending itself against FDA for the last five years. Why? Because, the FDA does not want any company to promote the principles of health freedom. It insists that the product, i.e. colloidal silver, is not as beneficial as the company claims. And what exactly does the company claim? It is selling colloidal silver as a highly effective anti-bacterial and anti-biotic suspension that can be used for multiple purposes.

So, Utopia Silver Supplement is fighting for truth, and so are numerous other natural health companies the FDA regards as a great threat, not to human health, but to their corporate allies.

Up until now, there are a large number of small natural health companies, including many colloidal silver companies, that have been shut down by the FDA. Despite many benefits that have been known for centuries and now backed by modern medical science, the FDA still claims that these companies have nothing to prove as to the effectiveness of their product. With the FDA eradicating the competition for all the big guys, people who believe in the power of colloidal silver are left with only one option – to make colloidal silver at home.

With our colloidal silver generator, you can make safe, high-quality and effective colloidal silver without the fear of the FDA. The best part is that you can produce an entire lifetime supply of high-quality, nanoparticle colloidal silver with one of our generators. And it will cost you less than a bottle of ready-made product in the market!

Visit our website. And check out our very affordable nanoparticle colloidal silver generators. You really can make highest-quality colloidal silver at home! And live a lifetime enjoying the health benefits of a product you can make for mere pennies per quart.

Thanks for visiting us! Here’s to your health!

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Colloidal Silver: Giving the gift of health this holiday season

On this post, I am going to urge you to consider giving the gift of health this holiday season!

Give the wonderful, far-reaching benefits of colloidal silver to your family, to your friends, and to yourself.

If you have not begun producing colloidal silver yourself, now is the time to begin. With this blog, and with all the information available online regarding benefits, and with all the testimonials (including my own) as to the positive effects, by now if you are not already making your own colloidal silver, surely you are looking for the means to do so.

Many are purchasing colloidal silver from retails outlets, and paying incredibly exhorbitant prices. The result is that most often these people are using colloidal silver, but are not using it in quantities that will make a dramatic difference in their health because they are being frugal with their purchase. I certainly cannot blame them! When I began making colloidal silver, I had been paying $40 per quart from a trusted supplier. When the price went to $50 per quart, I began searching for alternatives. I had experienced the dramatic benefits almost by accident. I had been given a "discount" on a quantity purchase, so I had extra colloidal silver in my cabinet, and decided to double up on my consumption. The results for me and my household were astounding. But I could not afford $100 per month for me and my household to maintain our consumption during the physically trying winter months.

I discovered the simplicity of making colloidal silver at home. I made basic low-voltage generated colloidal silver at home for a short time. I then discovered the literally life-changing addition to the production process that added agitating the water during production. (Read about the process here on our site.) The end result was a stable, long-lasting, effective end product. And I had produced it for pennies per quart.

I decided to figure out ways to make the whole colloidal silver process simpler and easier for those of us making colloidal silver at home. That's what led to the design of the line of Silva-Caps, that you'll only find on our website. (See these Silva-Caps on our website.)

To back the claims of stability and effectiveness, I sent samples of the colloidal silver produced by our generators to a lab to be tested. I was gratified to discover that our $59 generator produced nanoparticle colloidal silver (1nm to 2nm in size) and was hands down the simplest, least expensive colloidal silver generator on the market. And it produced the highest-quality, most stable produce available to us today. (See these test results on our website.)

So, I urge you to GIVE THE GIFT OF HEALTH THIS YEAR. If you are already making colloidal silver to give to family members and friends, what better gift could you give that the tools to produce this amazing product at home? Our complete generator kits start at just $59.

If you are sending your purchase as a gift, at checkout, be sure to send us your gift message. We'll print your message on a gift card and enclose it with your purchase.

I also recommend you visit our Facebook page. There you will be able to view our monthly discounted specials for your production and home health needs. Choose to "Like" us on Facebook, and we'll keep you informed on specials every single month.

Know that we're providing you the means, the methods, and the tools to produce what we feel is the highest quality colloidal silver product available to home production today... at a price that virtually anyone can afford. This also means that you have available to you a priceless gift at the holiday season for those you know and love the most.

Remember that if you or those you know who are already making colloidal silver at home, we have an entire line of home health accessories available too. These items also make wonderful gifts.

Take care, and have a wonderful season with your family and friends!

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Colloidal Silver and Horses: Enormous Benefits for Your Equine Friends

Despite how hard Big Pharma is trying to suppress the success of colloidal silver, we feel like we are slowly but steadily moving towards our goal of raising colloidal silver awareness. More and more people are now realizing the benefits of nanoparticle silver. And the best part is how people are actually discovering new uses for this amazing product.

We have already discussed how it can be an amazing cure for your pet related problems, but behold, cats and dogs are not the only ones to enjoy the benefits of being treated with silver. Colloidal silver’s healing benefits are now also proven for horses!

We believe that it is no longer required to discuss the antibiotic and antiseptic properties of colloidal silver. Turns out, it can also work as an amazing and effective medicine for horse wounds and infection. So, if you own a horse and are worried about the side effects of mainstream medicines, you now have a completely harmless and unbelievably effective alternative.

Although horses can benefit from colloidal silver in almost as many ways as humans and pets can, here are some specific problems that can specifically be solved with high quality colloidal silver.

Silver levels can go very low for horses that are sick or contracting illness. This can seriously affect the immune system of the body. Injecting a sick horse with silver strengthens the immune system and helps the horse fight off infections and bacteria.

Colloidal silver is also very effective as an ointment for common wounds, injuries and infections, such as hoof abscesses, seedy toe and greasy heal infection. Not only does it prevent the infection from spreading, it also expedites the recovery process.

So, if you have a horse, make sure you have the best colloidal silver with which to treat it. Don’t compromise the health of your horse with low quality products. Make colloidal silver at home in one of our colloidal silver generators with verifiable results.

We invite you to visit our website. We offer colloidal silver generators that we believe will produce the highest quality colloidal silver available with home production, at the best prices on the internet. Looking for spray bottles and mister bottles for home use? We have those as well.

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