Sunday, December 15, 2013

One Colloidal Silver Company's Five-Year Battle with the FDA

We have talked a lot about how the FDA along with Big Pharma has always tried to keep powerful alternate treatments at bay. If you are a regular visitor at our blog, you might have an accurate idea of why and how colloidal silver has remained a victim of those corporate games.  And unlike the big players in this game, we do not make up stories.

Today, we are going to discuss one of the longest battles in this war. We are talking about the battle of Utopia Silver Supplements against the FDA. Utopia Silver Supplements is a Texas-based company that provides colloidal silver as a retail product.

The company has been defending itself against FDA for the last five years. Why? Because, the FDA does not want any company to promote the principles of health freedom. It insists that the product, i.e. colloidal silver, is not as beneficial as the company claims. And what exactly does the company claim? It is selling colloidal silver as a highly effective anti-bacterial and anti-biotic suspension that can be used for multiple purposes.

So, Utopia Silver Supplement is fighting for truth, and so are numerous other natural health companies the FDA regards as a great threat, not to human health, but to their corporate allies.

Up until now, there are a large number of small natural health companies, including many colloidal silver companies, that have been shut down by the FDA. Despite many benefits that have been known for centuries and now backed by modern medical science, the FDA still claims that these companies have nothing to prove as to the effectiveness of their product. With the FDA eradicating the competition for all the big guys, people who believe in the power of colloidal silver are left with only one option – to make colloidal silver at home.

With our colloidal silver generator, you can make safe, high-quality and effective colloidal silver without the fear of the FDA. The best part is that you can produce an entire lifetime supply of high-quality, nanoparticle colloidal silver with one of our generators. And it will cost you less than a bottle of ready-made product in the market!

Visit our website. And check out our very affordable nanoparticle colloidal silver generators. You really can make highest-quality colloidal silver at home! And live a lifetime enjoying the health benefits of a product you can make for mere pennies per quart.

Thanks for visiting us! Here’s to your health!

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