Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Colloidal Silver and the Flu: A Personal Testimonial

This time of year, colds and flu are upon us, and I am contacted by many who ask about my personal experiences with colloidal silver in combating these nuisance seasonal illnesses.

My advice from personal experience is that if you own your own colloidal silver generator, you have the means to take care of yourself.

My first piece of advice is to aggressively confront your illness absolutely as soon as you begin to detect symptoms. I simply cannot stress this enough. I have found over the many years of collodial silver use that the sooner you begin a colloidal silver regimen, the sooner you'll get over your ailment. Conversely, the longer you go without treatment (as in hours and days), the longer you have to aggressively fight it.

Here's the regimen I have used on several occasions, and this has worked every time over the years:

Part 1:
At the onset of symptoms, I drink 2 swallows of CS every 2 hours for at least the first 24 hours. I will usually experience huge relief by the next day. And after I have experienced marked relief, I consume the same quantity every 4 hours. I stay with the 4 hour plan until I feel well. However, continue with every 2 hours for another day or two until you notice dramatic relief. While I am completely recovering, I take swallows every 6 to 8 hours. (Hint: To not interrupt your regimen, simply pour up some colloidal silver in a jar and take it with you... to work, or to travel.)

Part 2:
I tend to develop chest and sinus infections with my colds and flu. If you experience the same malladies, here's what I recommend:

Your health arsenal should always include at least a nasal mister, along with an oral mister. With your mister, follow the same regimen as above, and inhale the CS into your sinuses every 1 to 2 hours. In the beginning, every 1 to 2 hours, use your nasal mister and deeply inhale into your sinuses at least 6 puffs in each nostril. This is a lot of CS, I know, so tilt your head back and feel it coat the interior of your sinuses every time you use it. You will be amazed at how quickly it will eliminate inflammation, and you will be able to breathe better. Also, it is very common when you are ill to feel burning when the colloidal silver reaches your sinuses. This denotes the presence of inflammation, and it will go away in a few minutes.

After you have used the nasal mister for your sinuses, also mist your lungs by inhaling the mister. This is very important for someone like me who is prone to chest/lung ailments. It is not uncommon for me to inhale 15 to 20 puffs every 1 to 2 hours when I am becoming ill. This prevents the illness to take hold in my lungs. You can use a nasal mister for your lungs as well if you do not own an oral mister. Just tilt your head over the nasal mister and breathe in sharply when pressing the mister.

Continue using the misters along with each time that you consume your collodial silver.

I hope this helps! The important thing to remember is not to rely on large quantities of colloidal silver once or twice a day. Rather, do smaller amounts very frequently all day and throughout the night (just whenever you wake up, go into the kitchen or bathroom where your colloidal silver and misters are stored,  and drink, sniff and inhale). Sometimes I begin to feel better within 24 hours and back off from the regimen. But sometimes, if it is a vicious flu, and I don't feel better right away, I keep the regimen going for 2 to 3 days. Just do it intensely until you begin to feel better. Then loosen up your schedule until you are well.

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Take care of yourself!

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Three Reasons You Should Make Colloidal Silver at Home

We have already talked enough about the benefits of colloidal silver. It is a multi-purpose suspension with unlimited health benefits.

However, we have always stressed the importance of ensuring the best quality product. Low quality products found in the market are not only expensive; they also contain larger silver particles that can actually prove to be harmful if consumed in high quantities.

The best way to ensure that you are using the highest quality colloidal silver is make sure your product contains nanoparticle silver. And the best way to ensure this quality is to prepare your colloidal silver at home.

Here again arises the issue of measuring the size of the particle and the quality of the collodial silver. That is where we jump in with our tried and tested colloidal silver generator with verified results.

Still think buying commercial colloidal silver is a better idea than buying a generator? Take a look at the advantages it offers before you come to a final conclusion.

It’s Inexpensive – A typical 4 oz. bottle of colloidal silver costs around $30. With your own colloidal silver generator, you can make around 80 to 85 such bottles for $30. The entire generator setup available on our website costs around the same as one 8 oz. bottle of this suspension.

Quality Control is in Your Hands – With homemade colloidal silver, the quality is under your control. You are well aware of the freshness and purity of the product. And you can make bulk amounts of colloidal silver so that it is readily available whenever required.

It’s Simply Silver –A  lot of off-the-shelf product have tested positive for additives, fillers, stabilizers, etc. and you never know how these products react with silver and with your system.  It’s a huge risk that can be eliminated with homemade colloidal silver.

Finally, you must know that less than half of the market products tested contain the right amount and size of nanoparticle silver. The funny part is, some of them didn’t contain any amount of silver at all.

Save yourself from such frauds and take matters in your hands now.

Visit our website, read about our nanoparticle generators, and we hope you'll take the time to review all the many issues involved in quality colloidal silver production on our FAQs: Production page.

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Thursday, October 24, 2013

War on Silver Colloids – Why the FDA Wants You to Stay Away

For many people, one reason not to use colloidal silver is because the FDA warns against its use.

We are living in the age where our minds are literally brainwashed by people who can afford to do so. This is the reason most of us blindly trust any medical drug or device that the FDA has approved.

But let me ask you a question: what reasons do you have to trust the FDA? Just because it’s backed by the government? Not really!

While the FDA is a government body, it is financially backed by big pharmaceutical companies who have earned billions and billions due to government failed implementation of health policies. (Did you know that pharmaceutical executives sit on the board of the FDA?)

These pharmaceutical companies sell highly expensive drugs that most doctors would recommend despite the availability of a safer, more cost-effective alternative. Why? Because money makes the world go round, and these big corporate pharmaceutical companies have a lot of money that they have sucked out of those who think they have no choice but to buy those drugs.

You really don’t have a choice? Think again.

Colloidal silver is a natural remedy that has been used over centuries. It’s antibacterial, anti-allergy and anti-infection qualities have given it a unique cure-all quality. Shown to effectively treat from eye infections to virus causing cancers, colloidal silver is a risk free method to treat all kinds of diseases.

Imagine if everyone knew this! Would they still spend hundreds and thousands of dollars on pharmaceutical drugs when they can buy a personal colloidal silver generator for as little as $59?

Your answer is exactly the reason why big pharmas keep debunking all the remedies that have actually been successfully used for ages. And colloidal silver, understandably, stands at the top of their hit list.
So, don’t let them control your thinking and continue robbing you of your money. Use your common sense and try the benefits of homemade colloidal silver on your own.

We invite you to continue your investigations. Read the massive amounts of information available online. Consider making your own effective, stable, quality colloidal silver from home. Visit our website. View our generators. Know that quality health is in reach for far less money than you imagined!

Thank you for finding us! We hope to hear from you soon!

Monday, October 21, 2013

Is Colloidal Silver Effective Against Cancer?

Modern medicinal science may have progressed by leaps and bounds, but there always comes a point where it becomes utterly clueless and helpless.

Cancer is one disease that can bring it to that point. However, it does not mean that cancer is completely incurable. It just means that modern researchers might be looking in the wrong direction.

Colloidal silver is a centuries old cure for every disease that is caused by microbacteria and antibodies – i.e. all the disease we have known so far.

Regardless of what the FDA says, colloidal silver is unanimously accepted as the world’s oldest antibiotic. One of the typical problems with general antibiotics used today for cancer patients is that the bacteria eventually become resistant to them. This is not the case with colloidal silver. This fact is backed by research conducted by a number of scientists who were comparing the effect of silver-based chemo drugs and the commonly used platinum based chemo drugs.
The results of the tests were amazing. Nanoparticle silver not only proved more effective, it is also found to be completely non toxic. Whereas, platinum is toxic nature.

The results also show that cancer tumors can be considerably shrunk by using colloidal silver, and nanoparticle colloidal silver causes white blood cells and platelet count to normalized.

A more detailed analysis of the phenomenon depicts that silver ions cause miotic cell division in cancer cells. This process allows the cells to dedifferentiate into healthier cells.

The most interesting discovery, however, is that nanoparticle silver does not just kill the cancer cells. It actually causes them to revert allowing the body to start healing itself. This increases the body’s defense against another strike of cancer cells. Therefore, colloidal silver is more effective for cure and prevention of cancer.

I encourage you to search the internet for more information on these remarkable findings.

And here's the good news: You can make high-quality, stable, effective nanoparticle colloidal silver at home. I invite you to visit our website, read about our very affordable nanoparticle colloidal silver generators (starting at just $59), and read about our own tests regarding the quality of colloidal silver produced by our generators. You'll be surprised by our findings.

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Friday, October 18, 2013

Debunking Some Common Scientific Myths Regarding Colloidal Silver

In order to sell expensive medicines manufactured by Big Pharma, from whom huge commissions are at stake, a large pool of doctors and scientists are always bashing effective, alternative (and less expensive) medicines. 

Colloidal silver is one of those miraculous-- but unfortunately --alternative medicines that has come under fire. The war against colloidal silver took a new turn a few years back when Jonathan Campbell published a paper that falsely highlights “the negative impacts” of colloidal silver.

What’s more disturbing is that many people actually do believe all these lies. We have, therefore, taken the initiative to bust through all those myths with proof more solid and scientific than Mr. Campbell’s. 

So, let’s get started.

Colloidal Silver is a recently developed medical fraud
If you too believe this, you can’t be more wrong about colloidal silver. Colloidal Silver actually has an ancient history. Its true benefits were realized and utilized during the times of Aristotle. Even today, in modern warfare, silver is used by soldiers to kill harmful bacteria and germs in the water from ponds.

Colloidal Silver is harmful and toxic
True! Nanoparticle silver has been proven to be highly toxic for harmful bacteria, pathogens, free radicals and viruses. It works as a highly effective detoxifier and, according to the EPA, it does not exhibit toxic effects in humans.

Colloidal Silver Can Cause Cancer
There isn’t a single research or study that can prove that silver is a carcinogen. As a matter of fact, the EPA actually approved a certain amount of colloidal silver in drinking water. Based on the average level of consumption of water by adults, this approved amount accounts for more than the typical amount of nanoparticle silver found in commercial colloidal silver products. Do you really think the EPA would allow and approve this higher level of colloidal silver if it really were a carcinogen?

In addition to this, as science progresses in the study of early cancer growth, more and more evidence appears that many cancers are actually caused by viruses. These viruses can be killed with colloidal silver. It would therefore appear that colloidal silver, in some instances, will actually cure cancer. This makes false the claim that colloidal silver could cause cancer.

Colloidal Silver Can Cause Argyria
This is a reference to the ‘blue man’ story we previously discussed. Yet, we made it clear that Argyria is caused by silver salts and/or low quality colloidal silver. Argyria appears to be the result of extremely high levels of consumption of ionic silver, which bonds with chloride in the body (in as little as 8 seconds), creating silver chloride, aka “silver salts.” Individuals who have consumed extremely high quantities of ionic silver for long periods of time are at risk for developing Argyria. 

It goes without saying that once again, by greatly exceeding recommended amounts of colloidal silver, there could be risks incurred – as with consuming high quantities of anything. But by consuming the recommended amounts, you can be confident that you will not develop Argyria.


In reality, it all comes down to producing quality, stable nanoparticle colloidal silver at home. You are in control of the process. You know what you are making, and therefore, you can feel confident when you use it. On top of that, you can make your own nanoparticle colloidal silver at home for mere pennies per quart!

We invite you to visit our website:

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Thank you for visiting! We hope to hear from you soon.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Going Green With Silver – Does Colloidal Silver Hurt the Earth?

Silver, as you all may be aware of, is a natural element present in the Earth’s crust. Isn’t it absurd that there are hordes of people who think it can be harmful for the Earth and the environment, especially when consumed in the form of colloidal silver? 

Yes, it is a preposterous, yet the number of people who believe such claims is exceptionally high. These are especially those who have sworn to protect the Gaya from all kinds of the man-made evil. Yet, by avoiding colloidal silver, they are depriving themselves from one of the nature’s most miraculous offerings – nanoparticle silver suspension.

While colloidal silver needs to be prepared using a colloidal silver generator, it is hardly anything more than very tiny silver particles suspended in distilled water. Nanoparticle silver is so small that it can completely be absorbed and excreted by our system. Does that sound harmful to you?

The reason anti-silver environmentalists protest so hard against the use of colloidal silver is because they claim that nanoparticle silver remains in the sewers in the form of silver sulfide – a harmful substance that does not degenerate. However, the fact that they sadly overlook is that silver, no matter how it is consumed and in what form, remains bound in the sewer in the same form. Silver sulfide, however, has a very low toxicity rate. It is almost as harmless as the dirt.

The fun part here is a newly discovered scientific fact. Studies have now confirmed that the Earth itself generates nanoparticle silver. Colloidal silver is responsible for the release of silver ions in the atmosphere. These ions react with the humic acid present in the environment to once again produce nanoparticle silver. Any idea why Earth would create something that is supposedly killing it? Neither have we!

We invite you to visit our website: Here you'll be able to see how simply, easily and affordably you can produce highest-quality nanoparticle colloidal silver at home, for mere pennies per batch! View our generators page. We offer a complete nanoparticle colloidal silver generator kit for $59. And be sure to view our most popular page: FAQs: Production. Here we discuss the issues surrounding this breakthrough in home colloidal silver production, along with tests and answers to our most popular questions.

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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Silver in Your System – How Long Does It Stay There?

A number of people, who are sworn believers in everything modern science journals say, will tell you that colloidal silver suspension is either useless because it doesn’t stay in your system or harmful because it keeps accumulating there.

In either case, they cannot be more wrong. Yet, we understand how they might make you reconsider your decision of using colloidal silver.

So, today we will shed some light on the behavior of nanoparticle silver in our bodies, where it goes when you drink it, and how long it stays there.

The evidence we provide in this article was collected after a series of experiments related to colloidal silver intake, distribution and elimination. Several samples of feces, urine and sweat were taken from individuals who regularly consumed colloidal silver for several months.

When ingested, nanoparticle silver in suspension mixes with the stomach acid and gets absorbed by the small intestine.

The study revealed that regular consumption results in regular excretion of silver through urine. Feces and sweat samples also contained more silver as compared to the samples from individuals who do not consume silver.

Incidentally, the amount of silver excreted from the body increases in proportion to the amount of increased dosage of colloidal silver. This fact alone is enough to establish the conclusion that colloidal silver does not accumulate in the body. Therefore, all those claims about colloidal silver causing organ damage are completely false.

However, the test was conducted using a colloidal silver sample that has the appropriate size and density of nanoparticle silver. This suspension was created using our colloidal silver generator that has been tested and verified in with lab tests.

In contrast to this, the products available in the market contained larger silver particles. Such products carry a high risk of silver accumulation in the body because the large particles are not properly dissolved, absorbed and excreted. So, Beware!

If you are ready to begin making your own nanoparticle colloidal silver at home, we hope you will visit our website. Read about our lab tests and personal experiences. And consider purchasing your own complete nanopartical colloidal silver generator, starting at just $59.

We're here to support you in helping you making your own stable, highest-quality nanoparticle colloidal silver from home... for mere pennies per quart!

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