Friday, October 18, 2013

Debunking Some Common Scientific Myths Regarding Colloidal Silver

In order to sell expensive medicines manufactured by Big Pharma, from whom huge commissions are at stake, a large pool of doctors and scientists are always bashing effective, alternative (and less expensive) medicines. 

Colloidal silver is one of those miraculous-- but unfortunately --alternative medicines that has come under fire. The war against colloidal silver took a new turn a few years back when Jonathan Campbell published a paper that falsely highlights “the negative impacts” of colloidal silver.

What’s more disturbing is that many people actually do believe all these lies. We have, therefore, taken the initiative to bust through all those myths with proof more solid and scientific than Mr. Campbell’s. 

So, let’s get started.

Colloidal Silver is a recently developed medical fraud
If you too believe this, you can’t be more wrong about colloidal silver. Colloidal Silver actually has an ancient history. Its true benefits were realized and utilized during the times of Aristotle. Even today, in modern warfare, silver is used by soldiers to kill harmful bacteria and germs in the water from ponds.

Colloidal Silver is harmful and toxic
True! Nanoparticle silver has been proven to be highly toxic for harmful bacteria, pathogens, free radicals and viruses. It works as a highly effective detoxifier and, according to the EPA, it does not exhibit toxic effects in humans.

Colloidal Silver Can Cause Cancer
There isn’t a single research or study that can prove that silver is a carcinogen. As a matter of fact, the EPA actually approved a certain amount of colloidal silver in drinking water. Based on the average level of consumption of water by adults, this approved amount accounts for more than the typical amount of nanoparticle silver found in commercial colloidal silver products. Do you really think the EPA would allow and approve this higher level of colloidal silver if it really were a carcinogen?

In addition to this, as science progresses in the study of early cancer growth, more and more evidence appears that many cancers are actually caused by viruses. These viruses can be killed with colloidal silver. It would therefore appear that colloidal silver, in some instances, will actually cure cancer. This makes false the claim that colloidal silver could cause cancer.

Colloidal Silver Can Cause Argyria
This is a reference to the ‘blue man’ story we previously discussed. Yet, we made it clear that Argyria is caused by silver salts and/or low quality colloidal silver. Argyria appears to be the result of extremely high levels of consumption of ionic silver, which bonds with chloride in the body (in as little as 8 seconds), creating silver chloride, aka “silver salts.” Individuals who have consumed extremely high quantities of ionic silver for long periods of time are at risk for developing Argyria. 

It goes without saying that once again, by greatly exceeding recommended amounts of colloidal silver, there could be risks incurred – as with consuming high quantities of anything. But by consuming the recommended amounts, you can be confident that you will not develop Argyria.


In reality, it all comes down to producing quality, stable nanoparticle colloidal silver at home. You are in control of the process. You know what you are making, and therefore, you can feel confident when you use it. On top of that, you can make your own nanoparticle colloidal silver at home for mere pennies per quart!

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