Sunday, December 1, 2013

Colloidal Silver and Horses: Enormous Benefits for Your Equine Friends

Despite how hard Big Pharma is trying to suppress the success of colloidal silver, we feel like we are slowly but steadily moving towards our goal of raising colloidal silver awareness. More and more people are now realizing the benefits of nanoparticle silver. And the best part is how people are actually discovering new uses for this amazing product.

We have already discussed how it can be an amazing cure for your pet related problems, but behold, cats and dogs are not the only ones to enjoy the benefits of being treated with silver. Colloidal silver’s healing benefits are now also proven for horses!

We believe that it is no longer required to discuss the antibiotic and antiseptic properties of colloidal silver. Turns out, it can also work as an amazing and effective medicine for horse wounds and infection. So, if you own a horse and are worried about the side effects of mainstream medicines, you now have a completely harmless and unbelievably effective alternative.

Although horses can benefit from colloidal silver in almost as many ways as humans and pets can, here are some specific problems that can specifically be solved with high quality colloidal silver.

Silver levels can go very low for horses that are sick or contracting illness. This can seriously affect the immune system of the body. Injecting a sick horse with silver strengthens the immune system and helps the horse fight off infections and bacteria.

Colloidal silver is also very effective as an ointment for common wounds, injuries and infections, such as hoof abscesses, seedy toe and greasy heal infection. Not only does it prevent the infection from spreading, it also expedites the recovery process.

So, if you have a horse, make sure you have the best colloidal silver with which to treat it. Don’t compromise the health of your horse with low quality products. Make colloidal silver at home in one of our colloidal silver generators with verifiable results.

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Thank you for finding us! We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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