Sunday, January 5, 2014

Safe or Toxic – What New Research Says About Nanoparticle Silver

A lot people who are new to the world of natural remedies might wonder what the difference is between nanoparticle silver and colloidal silver. Well, we can say that they are the same thing, but given the variety of products sold under the label of colloidal silver, this topic can be a bit misleading.

The most appropriate way to describe colloidal silver is to say that it is a suspension of nanoparticle silver in water. Therefore it carries all the qualities and benefits of nanoparticle silver. However, there have been a lot of concerns regarding the effects of nanoparticle silver in our body. Some people claim that it is toxic and long-term usage can have side effects. Such claims, although not backed by any scientific proof whatsoever, do leave some with doubts and concerns.

So, today, we are going to clear those concerns in the light of modern medicinal research.

First of all, all the adverse effects of colloidal silver you have heard of may not be wrong. However, those adverse effects have hardly anything to do with nanoparticle silver. The truth is, most off-the-shelf products in the market do not even contain nanoparticle silver. They contain ionic silver, i.e. larger particles. Larger particles of silver do have the risk of accumulating in our system and organ linings. While a small amount of ionic silver is completely harmless, long-term and consistent usage may increase the silver concentration to a toxic level.

Thanks to modern science, it is now possible to synthesize silver and create tiny (1nm to 2nm) nanoparticles that can be easily absorbed and excreted by our body. Our colloidal silver generator is based on such research and guarantees its results. So, don’t hold back just because you heard someone saying something about the toxicity issue, and don’t fall for products that may actually might prove those allegations right. Be careful, and get a generator to safely use colloidal silver you have made in your own home.

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