Sunday, January 19, 2014

More on Colloidal Silver and Cancer – Is It Really the Hope?

Cancer is a disease scientists have been studying for decades now and claim to have gained proper understanding of how it affects our bodies. However, a cost-effective and sure-shot cure is still missing.  We have already discussed the possibilities of curing cancer through colloidal silver. Today, we will discuss a new development in this aspect.

Nanoparticle silver, as we discussed previously, causes the cancer cells to revert. Due to this reason, the cancer is cured in a manner that ensures it will never begin again. The Independent Cancer Research Foundation has discovered the effects of colloidal silver when combined with DMSO. This has lead to the invention of the DMSO/Colloidal Silver protocol.

Does DMSO/Colloidal Silver Work?

DMSO is a solvent used with many pharmaceutical products. It has the ability to reach the cell and increase its permeability by changing the water molecule structure. The DMSO/Colloidal Silver protocol does more than what nanoparticle silver can do alone. It controls cancer by actually transforming the affected cells into healthy cells.

It takes 2 or 3 weeks for a cancer cell to restore its normal functionality and health. Since the cells are healed and not killed, the cell count is not decreased in the body. This brings two benefits incomparable to any other treatment.

2 Big Benefits

Firstly, the cost as compared to mainstream treatments is an incalculable savings.

Secondly, the recovery time is considerably shorter. As a matter of fact, the treatment itself starts the process of recovery inside the cells.

Also, the treatment procedure is easy. A certain amount of the colloidal silver and DMSO solution must be consumed several times a day. The quality of products matters a lot in this aspect and as usual we suggest you to make colloidal silver at home instead of relying on off-the-shelf products.

I encourage you to visit our site to discover how simple, economical and easy it is to produce stable, quality nanoparticle colloidal silver at home. You’ve probably never thought you’d be able to produce nanoparticle silver for an initial setup cost of just $59. But you can!

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