Saturday, September 7, 2013

Colloidal Silver Can Enhance the Effects of Antibiotics

For centuries, colloidal silver was commonly used as an antibiotic. Then came the modern medicinal science and everyone got more interested in pharmaceutical alternatives.

However, after frequent usage, the human body seems to have the ability to build immunities against modern antibiotics. That phenomenon is called antibiotic resistance.

Scientists, who have been bashing the benefits of nanoparticle silver for ages, have now discovered that colloidal silver is not only a strong antibiotic agent itself, but it can also help enhance the affectivity of other antibiotics.

Antibacterial resistance is increasing at an alarming rate. The worst part is that this condition can actually lead to devastating diseases that can often result in death. Colloidal silver can fight the bacteria that actually cause antibiotic resistance in the body. As a result, it can also eradicate the diseases that are caused by the resistance.

These may include food poisoning, hospital acquired infections and urinary tract infection. The current research indicates that colloidal silver can actually make antibiotics around 1000 times more effective. In a lab test, nanoparticle silver made the resistant bacteria in mice succumb to antibiotic agents again. And the dosage required was extremely small.

One of the reasons why silver is more effective is the size of the particle. Since nanoparticle silver is much smaller in size as compared to the molecular size of antibiotics, it can make bacteria cell membranes more permeable.

However, you cannot always guarantee the size of the silver in off-the-shelf products or in suspension made by a homemade colloidal silver generator. Therefore, it is important to consider the quality of compound you are using. And the quality can only be guaranteed for homemade colloidal silver suspension that is generated through a tried and tested colloidal silver generator made by experts.

We offer such generators. Our nanoparticle generators have produced lab-tested quality nanoparticle colloidal silver (please see our website page discussing these and other issues.) This page provides visual test results of the particle size of colloidal silver produced by our generators.

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