Friday, September 20, 2013

Is a TDS Meter the Right Tool to Measure the Quality of Colloidal Silver?

While we want you to believe in the benefits of colloidal silver, there is one serious warning we always add:

Beware of low quality colloidal silver!

A large majority of low-quality off the shelf products will not only waste your money, they can also have possibly severe health implications. A good alternative is to make colloidal silver at home, but again, making colloidal silver generators may not be as simple as it sounds. A lot of people, especially those with no technical knowledge or understanding, wind up making a generator that produces substandard colloidal silver.

So, how do you measure the quality of the colloidal silver suspension you have bought, or prepared at home? Most people would tell you to get a TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) meter.

But what does TDS meter actually do?

A TDS meter is a meter that can effectively measure the concentration of solid dissolved in a liquid. It gives you the result in parts per million (ppm). A TDS meter is generally used to check the purity of household tap water, and even distilled water. While the concentration of colloidal silver is measured in ppm, a TDS meter may not be very helpful in providing an accurate result.

Why is a TDS meter not reliable for Colloidal Silver?

A TDS meter measures the concentration of total dissolved solid in a solution. Colloidal silver, however, is a suspension rather than a solution. The nanosilver particles actually remain suspended in the liquid.

When we use a TDS meter as a measure of colloidal silver suspension, the reading may only depict the amount of impurities dissolved in the water.

The reality is this: A TDS meter is actually incapable of measuring colloids!

So, if someone tells you that their TDS meter will provide you with an accurate measure of colloids in your colloidal silver, you simply need to know the truth: A TDS meter measures only impurities in your water. It cannot measure colloids.

To determine true parts per million in a colloidal silver product requires extensive and expensive lab tests.

The results of our colloidal silver generators are lab-tested and verified. Our lab tests show the presence of nanoparticle colloidal silver (see our website, and view previous posts) in the 1nm to 2nm range, making it the most effective in colloidal silver use -- at a price far below other websites.

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