Tuesday, September 10, 2013

NanoParticle Silver – The History of Medicinal Usage

It is not unusual to see the advocates of modern medical sciences debunking alternative medicine and therapies. Colloidal silver is also one of the victims. What the nay-sayers forget, however, is the fact that the benefits of colloidal silver were discovered and realized centuries before the concept of modern medicine was born.

The uses and benefits of nanoparticle silver were hailed by those who laid the foundation of modern medicine. 

So, before you fall for the trap Big-Pharma and the media is laying for you, let’s take a look at the history of nanoparticle silver, and how colloidal silver is historically used as a multipurpose medicine.

The Ancient Times – Famous historian Herodotus writes an account of 5th century B.C that the Persians believed that silver containers kept the drinking water fresh and free of harmful bacteria. The practice is still common in the military due to lack of clean drinking water during wartime.

Hippocrates, the father of western medicine, discovered the wound healing properties of silver and applied silver plates to wounds, ulcers and bruises.

700 - 1200– Silver fillings were used as blood purifiers and a caustic solution for wounds as well. Evidence suggests that silver was also used as a cure for eye and ear infections.

1800 – 1900 – This was the century during which scientists discovered more than a dozen uses of silver nitrate and the benefits of colloidal silver. Colloidal silver was used for purification of water, preservation of food, prevention of viral infections and also as a cure for epilepsy.

1900s - During the twentieth century, the modern method of making colloidal silver was discovered and the benefits of nanoparticle silver were practically tested for eye infection and corneal ulcers. In the same century, a number of scientists successfully used colloidal silver for the treatment of tonsillitis and infectious diseases.

And the list goes on! We hear from customers all the time with their personal stories of the benefits and powerful uses of colloidal silver. Nanoparticle colloidal silver is the most effective colloidal silver form available to us today.

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