Saturday, September 14, 2013

Colloidal Silver Side Effects - Should you believe the Blue Man Story?

Anyone looking for colloidal silver or related topics on the internet must now be aware of the so called ‘Colloidal Silver Blue Man’ story that has been circulating the web for several years now. It is the story of Paul Karason, a man who media claims turned blue after using colloidal silver.

While the man really did turn blue, there are a few facts that the media has kept from the public. These facts show that the transformation was a result of Karason’s own mistakes rather than the natural effects of colloidal silver.

The first thing that everyone needs to know is that Karason’s condition is not unique. He suffers from a skin condition known as argyria. Argyria is common in people who work in factories where silver is manufactured. Due to the presence of silver dust in the air, the particles enter the body and get absorbed into the skin. When exposed to the sun, a chemical reaction changes the color of these particles and the skin starts to appear bluish. However, this happens only when the particles are too big in size, which was true in Karason’s case.

Karason, as he himself admits, was taking homemade colloidal silver generated by his own created colloidal silver generator. Instead of the appropriately sized nanoparticle silver, it generated colloidal silver with large silver particles. So, in other words, the compound he was taking was not colloidal silver at all.

But this is not the whole story. Karason also stated that he used to add salt to the compound and then used electrolysis to increase the concentration of silver. As if this damage was not enough, he used a tanning bed to expose his body to more UV rays thinking that it might make the silver get better absorbed into the body.

So, there is a lot to be learned from this story. But the biggest lesson is that you must be very cautious regarding the quality of colloidal silver you are using. There are off-the-shelf products are not only expensive; they can also be quite deceptive in terms of quality.

The best option is to make colloidal silver at home using a colloidal silver generator made by experts who really understand the related science and technology.

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