Wednesday, September 11, 2013

How to Make Colloidal Silver at Home with Batteries

Although alternative medicines are widely disregarded by modern science, there has been a recent rise in the number of people, mostly disappointed because of the ineffectiveness of mainstream medicine to treat illness and disease, are looking to alternative health options. Colloidal silver is one of the miraculous alternative treatments typically denounced by mainstream doctors and scientists.

Colloidal silver side effects, while not completely deniable, are extremely rare and often are the result of over-consumption of extremely high parts-per-million (ppm) homemade solutions. It is often the quality and quantity of colloidal silver used by the individual that determines any negative results.

Interestingly, you cannot always completely trust commercial colloidal silver available in the market. And to be sure, you will be paying incredibly high prices for off-the-shelf solutions.

Therefore, we feel it is best (and certainly most economical) to make colloidal silver at home.

While we offer on our website very durable, high-quality battery-powered colloidal silver generators, most everyone knows that you can make colloidal silver at home with things that are easily found in the marketplace.

To make an inexpensive, homemade 9V battery colloidal silver generator, here's all you need:

A 1-quart glass jar (you can also use a 1-pint jar)
Two 6″ultrafine silver wires (we sell .9999 pure silver, the purest available, on our website)
Three 9 volt batteries
Three terminal clips for the batteries (available at most any electronics counter, like a Radio Shack)
Two small alligator clips (we also sell these on our website)

--The battery clips must be connected in series in order to provide 27V (soldering or electric tape).

--Attach the alligator clip on the two unconnected ends of the wires.

--Attach the batteries to the battery clips.

--Add distilled water to the jar and submerge the silver wires parallel into the water.

--Make sure the wires do not touch each other.

--Fold the ends of the wires over the rim of the jar.

--Connect the wires to the power and connect the alligator clips to the silver rods

--Wait for the white cloud to appear.

--After you see the particles coming off the wires, wait 10 minutes before turning of the power.

The Major Problem:
While the list of items is simple, making the generator is the trickiest part. The size and quality of the nano silver particles in the final solution can greatly affect its benefits. All the colloidal silver generators we offer on our website are nanoparticle generators. Can you build them yourself? Yes! Of course! That's the beauty of the simplicity of colloidal silver home production. But nanoparticle colloidal silver production contains one additional element that we strongly recommend you investigate. Visit our website: to view our generators, and review tests on our products.

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