Friday, September 6, 2013

Make Colloidal Silver at Home for Multiple Purposes

You might have heard of many people using colloidal silver as an alternative health care supplement, faciliating their health in dozens of health related areas.

It might surprise you because people are usually unaware of anything but its anti-bacterial, anti-viral usage. Well, there's far more to colloidal silver and it uses than that!

It is true that it was only used as an anti-bacterial solution a few centuries ago, but today studies and research have helped discover new benefits and usage as well.

So, don’t be surprised if someone tells you they are using colloidal silver as an insect repellent around the house. Colloidal silver is a miraculous solution whose benefits go beyond your health and wellness. Here are some unusual ways you can use the colloidal silver around the house:

Toilet Cleaner
Colloidal silver is known for its amazing anti-bacterial properties. This is the reason it can be extremely handy in removing harmful bacteria from the toilet. It will also make the surface appear squeaky clean in an instant.

Water Disinfectant 
Colloidal silver is also a strong disinfectant with anti fungal and anti bacterial properties. It has been traditionally used as a drinking water disinfectant.

Food Preservative
Now all these above properties along with the fact that it does not carry the risk of toxicity makes it a good food preservative as well. You can spray the leftovers with colloidal silver in order to prevent bacterial contamination.

Mold Remover
Mold is created by bacteria in moist places. It carries potential risks such as viral infections and breathing problems. While cleaning a mold does not sound very difficult, it requires proper care in order to get rid of the bacteria as well. This is where colloidal silver can prove to be greatly effective.

Find more uses for colloidal silver with regard to health on this page on our website. Read about my family's personal uses here on our website.

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