Thursday, November 27, 2014

November 15 Update: Ebola and Colloidal Silver

I have mixed emotions posting this update. It vindicates those of us who believe that colloidal silver has a positive and effective benefit in treating Ebola. It's why we feel that EVERYONE needs to be making colloidal silver at home.

But it also condemns the FDA, the CDC and the WHO, who are sadly ruled by Big Pharma and their demands of profits, and by their actions, are killing untold thousands in Africa by their actions.

I urge you to read this article from a newspaper in Sierra Leone. Colloidal silver IS WORKING to help people in Sierra Leone and 3 other African countries recover from Ebola. Yet, colloidal silver products have been blocked from entering these countries.

The frustration and condemnation by the author of this article squarely blames motives for profits from these US governmental and international agencies in preventing colloidal silver from entering their countries to treat this disease.

Big Pharma's motives became so obvious to them that the government of Sierra Leone has stepped in to force allowing colloidal silver into the country, because in their minds, any potentially significantly viable treatment should be allowed to be tested. They cannot understand why a potential successful treatment for this plague should be blocked by America and the World Health Organization.

This was a HUGE wake-up call for me. It probably will be a wake-up call for you too. And it should send the message to you that, if you do nothing else for you and your family's health, you need to have the means to make colloidal silver at home for you and those you love.

Afterthought: We shipped 2 of our battery kits to Canadian and Australian international Christian workers in Sierra Leone back in September (see their feedback at the top of our battery generator page). My heart would be full if we found out that the collodial silver they are producing has been shared with others in Sierra Leone who are in need, and could be making the difference in the health of others in their community, bringing to light the amazing potential of colloidal silver to the government's attention.

Come visit us. Our complete small-particle colloidal silver generators are $59.

Take care. Get healthy. Stay healthy. Be healthy.

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  1. Good job. Was stationed at Monrovia when with State. The filthy in Sierra Leone is beyond belief. The Buzzards us to perch on top of buildings in downtown, waiting for someone or some thing to drop.