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What Are The Health Benefits of Colloidal Silver?

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What is Colloidal Silver?

Colloidal silver has been a popular alternative remedy since the mid-1990s and is now used by thousands of people, but what is it and what are the health benefits of using it? Quite simply, it is a liquid suspension of microscopic silver particles, and this suspension is small enough to pass through human membranes and be easily absorbed by your body. It is very alkaline and is thought to boost the immune system and act as a natural antibiotic. It is known to be able to kill many bacteria, viruses and micro-organisms, and therefore is effective in helping many medical conditions, including acne, athlete’s foot, ringworm, yeast infections, parasitic infections, eczema, diabetes and cystitis.

How is Colloidal Silver Used?

It can either be taken orally or applied externally to a wound, burn or infection. Silver colloid sprays are often used to apply it externally to wounds, acne, burns or skin infections, and can also be sprayed around the mouth and the back of the throat to treat gum disease, bad breath and throat infections. If you plan to take it orally, it can be dropped into water and sipped, or drops can be placed directly under the tongue.

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History of Colloidal Silver

The use of silver as an antiseptic and as a natural antibiotic goes back a long way in history. Many ancient civilisations, such as the Greeks, Phoenicians and Romans were familiar with the properties of silver that helped to control infections, heal wounds and improve the length of time that food and drink could be stored. Occasionally, using too much silver caused the blue skin discolouration symptoms of Argyria, and it is thought that this could be where using the term ‘blue blooded’ for the upper classes comes from, as in earlier centuries they would have drunk from silver goblets and eaten off silver plate. Moreover, the popular saying ‘born with a silver spoon in his mouth’ may well come from the practice of wealthy European families during the Middle Ages and Renaissance giving their children a silver spoon to suck on to help ward off the plague. Similarly, cows used to be milked into silver buckets, as the silver in the bucket would help to keep the milk fresh for longer periods, even though it was not refrigerated.

The Russian czar, Alexander I, had the Imperial Army’s water casks lined with silver, so that his soldiers would not suffer any ill-effects from drinking river or lake water, and the Russian Army kept on with this practice until as late as the Second World War in some instances. The early settlers in North America used to have a custom of throwing a silver dollar into a well, as the antibacterial effects of the silver helped to keep the water safe to drink. The term ‘colloidal’ was coined in 1861 when Thomas Graham experimented and found that while certain solutions could pass through a membrane other solutions could not do so.

How Does Colloidal Silver Work?

It is thought to help prevent infections and be an effective natural antibiotic. It does this by acting as a catalyst. Bacteria, fungi and viruses contain an enzyme that they need to metabolise oxygen, and the colloidal silver debilitates this enzyme and thereby destroys the micro-organism and preventing it from causing any further damage in the human body. However, unlike pharmaceutical antibiotics, the colloidal silver does not cause any damage to the friendly bacteria that the body relies on to function efficiently, as human tissue enzymes are very different from the tissue enzymes of the single-celled bacteria, viruses and fungi. Before the use of antibiotics became widespread in the mid-twentieth century, it was used by the medical profession to control bacteria and viruses, but in those days it was very expensive to produce. Antibiotics could be patented and were cheaper to manufacture and distribute, so the use of colloidal silver fell out of favour.

Are There Any Risks Associated with Taking Colloidal Silver?

It is not considered toxic in humans, animals or plants, as long not too much is taken for extended periods. As we have previously seen, single celled organisms are destroyed by colloidal silver because they metabolise oxygen differently to multi-cell organisms. It is not thought to cause allergic reactions, or interact badly with pharmaceutical drugs or herbal remedies. However, if too much is taken the skin and fingernails can take on a bluish tinge, which is the result of the excess silver being stored in the tissues of the body. This condition is called Argyria and should abate if the colloidal silver intake is reduced or stopped completely. Argyria is most commonly seen in silver miners and those who work in silver refining, creating silverware and electroplating and photographic processes, but can be induced by using too much colloidal silver over a long period of time as a dietary supplement. Although it is generally thought that the substantial amount of silver needed to cause Argyria in the human body usually does not cause any serious long term health issues, there have been rare cases where the sufferer has developed some painful and unpleasant clinical symptoms. As with all dietary supplements and complementary remedies, you should consult your physician before you start taking them if you are at all concerned about any possible harmful effects, or if you are taking prescribed medication.

How To Make Colloidal Silver: How is Colloidal Silver Created?

It is made by an electromagnetic process that pulls tiny fragments of silver off a larger piece of pure silver into distilled water. Each of the silver particles holds a small electric charge which keeps the particles suspended in the water, which then helps the silver particles to move around the body more easily. If it is correctly made, the ensuing suspension should be a clear liquid, or a very light-yellowish liquid, as the silver particles should be too tiny to reflect any light. If you are looking to get some colloidal silver and the suspension looks to be coloured with too much yellow, green, blue or red, it is probably not the best. [The battery generator at right is a design offered by this website.]

You can make your own at home if you get a colloidal silver generator. These are generally comprised of batteries attached to pure silver electrodes, which are then placed in water to create colloidal silver by low voltage electrolysis. If you want to produce a good quality colloidal silver, only use pure distilled water and do not put anything in the water, such as salt, in order to help conduct the electricity more effectively.

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If you want to try colloidal silver and discover the health benefits of silver for yourself, you will find that it is readily available in many health foods shops.... You can also buy colloidal silver generators online, if you feel that you would like to have a go at making your own.

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